Sunday, November 27, 2011


Earlier this fall, we added a new member to the farm.  Odie is a two year old quarter horse who will hopefully turn into a decent ranch sorting horse next summer and eventually become a team penning pony. I don't really know a lot about either sport, so the two of us are going to learn as we go.  He is not afraid of the dogs, goats or chickens, so I am hoping that he feels the same about cows.

So far, Odie has been very good.  He didn't know much of anything when I picked him up, but can now walk and trot very well under saddle.  He has even cantered a few times.  He wears hula hoops, walks over carpets and logs.  He has been on a mini trail ride all by himself and this weekend I even rode him bareback in the snow.  Odie is such a star!

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  1. He's cute! So glad you finally posted some new pictures and stuff. I had totally despaired of ever seeing anything new on your blog. :-) I know... like you have nothing better to do, right?