Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snowstorms with Names?

Apparently, they are now naming snowstorms.  I don't ever remember any snowstorms having names and we have had some pretty big storms in the past.  The weather people have not offered up any explanations as to why this storm has a name.

Anyway, Nemo hit Newburgh last night and carried on through much of today, dumping a TON of snow.  So far, this winter has been kind of a drag as we have had more rain than snow.  Last winter we really didn't have any snow, so we were super excited about the forecast.  I was very skeptical that we would actually get the amounts that they were forecasting.  As you can see, the weathermen were right this time!


Moose is loving all the snow!

The goats, chickens and ducks are not so sure about it.

Greg has a love/hate relationship with the snow.  He complains that we don't get any snow and says we should move somewhere that gets more snow, then he complains when he has to deal with the snow when we get it.  It doesn't help that the belt wouldn't stay on the snowblower.

I love the snow!  I shoveled all of the pathways so that we could get in and out of the house and the animals could get to their water.  It was so light and fluffy!  Still, I thought it would be best to call it quits.  I wouldn't mind if Ian comes a little early, but he can wait for a while.  Here is a picture of me at 26 weeks (last Sunday....we didn't have any snow!)