Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rope and Surgery

Greg surprised me two weeks ago with this rope.  Yes, it is in the house.  It was hanging and ready to climb when I came home from working at the barn.  It is really a Christmas present, but since I was scheduled to have surgery on the 23rd, Greg thought I should be able to use it before I was laid up.

I did have hernia repair surgery yesterday.  I was super nervous to be anesthetized, but it all went well.   I am super sore and really bored.  It is a good thing I got some use out of the rope earlier, because I can't even sit up by myself right now.  I'm hoping to be a little more active in a few days.

Christmas Card Bloopers

We did our Christmas photo ourselves with the camera placed on a muck bucket and on time delay.  We lucked out with the final picture, but overall, it was a pretty comical experience.


This is land that Greg already owned when we got married.  We can't afford to build the house we want yet, but someday this will be our backyard.