Monday, January 28, 2013

Decided on a Name

We have decided on a name for our little man.

He will have two middle names after Greg's father and my father.  We debated using just the two family names, but decided that we wanted him to have his own name as well as the names of our fathers.

We can't wait to meet you Ian William Roy Kolvoord!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vintage Nursery

It has been busy around our house as usual. Greg has been doing some bookwork for a company for some extra money and I am trying to get my supervised hours in so that I can sit for my BCBA exam and eventually be a consultant.

In our spare time, we have been working on getting the nursery ready for our little man.  Luckily, it has been REALLY cold, so we are not overly motivated to do anything outside.  The nursery has been a bit of a project since we are moving and replacing a door.  That is Greg's part of the work.

I have been crafting quite a bit.  My goal was to create a mostly gender neutral nursery that has a vintage sort of feel.  Nothing too commercialized.  I hope to use the same nursery for two kiddos fairly close together.  I would hate to have to buy anything twice.

I started with this fabric.

Made this quilt.  I will make another in the same fabric, but with triangles for the second baby if we have one.

I made a crib skirt in matching flannel because I couldn't find one in a neutral color that was not all ruffley.  No picture of the crib skirt yet, but here is a picture of Moose helping me make the quilt.

Then I made an ABC banner that will circle the entire room.  The idea was stolen from my sister's blog,

I am now working on a farm animal mobile.  I made some felted animals and a friend felted some balls that will go on the strings.  I am looking for a top for the mobile.  Here are my silly farm animals.

Lastly, I need to repaint the room and get some black and white farm animal pictures to go in my frames.  I have some that I have taken myself and a few that I am ordering.  They will each have a nursery rhyme under them.  More pictures to follow when the room is finished!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I might have the most uncooperative child already.  I am hoping that changes before he arrives.  Either that, or we know he takes after me personality wise.  Yipee!

We went for our follow up ultrasound today to get better measurements of his head and his heart.  The tech was able to get great pictures of his heart and said that everything looks good.  But, this little boy is still upside down and crammed in the back and bottom of my uterus making it difficult to measure his head and nearly impossible to get a look at his face.

See, backwards and curled up.  Anytime she got any view of his face, his right hand was across it.  Greg said maybe he is like his dad and doesn't want to have his picture taken.

 Here are his long legs again.

So curled up!
He is pretty crammed in there.  I think he will be happy to get out when May rolls around.

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

I am so bad about updating this blog, but since I am down and out with the flu and therefore at home by myself and bored out of my mind, it seemed like a good time to post an update.

This is my fourth day of being sick and I am actually feeling quite a lot better.  I no longer have a fever, but I can't be at work until I have been fever free for a full 24 hours.  So, tomorrow it is.

Our biggest news came right after Christmas.  We had a major snowstorm on the 27th, but braved the weather for my 20 week ultrasound.  It is pretty amazing to see our little one looking so much like a human now. 
Those legs are definitely not my legs.  They have to be Greg's long legs.

It is a good thing that we wanted to know the gender because that was the one thing that was easy to see.  We will be welcoming a little boy into our home in May!  We couldn't be more excited.

It was fun breaking the news to my family at our Christmas celebration!

The ultrasound technician could not get a good look at his head or his heart because of his positioning, so we will actually be going back this afternoon for a recheck, assuming my fever stays away.