Thursday, January 24, 2013


I might have the most uncooperative child already.  I am hoping that changes before he arrives.  Either that, or we know he takes after me personality wise.  Yipee!

We went for our follow up ultrasound today to get better measurements of his head and his heart.  The tech was able to get great pictures of his heart and said that everything looks good.  But, this little boy is still upside down and crammed in the back and bottom of my uterus making it difficult to measure his head and nearly impossible to get a look at his face.

See, backwards and curled up.  Anytime she got any view of his face, his right hand was across it.  Greg said maybe he is like his dad and doesn't want to have his picture taken.

 Here are his long legs again.

So curled up!
He is pretty crammed in there.  I think he will be happy to get out when May rolls around.


  1. Hahaha. Maybe u need to let your an muscles go a little. I think they're squishing him up in there ;). So does this mean you get yet another peek at your long legged lad?

  2. Yep. She guessed they will want to recheck at 32 weeks.

  3. And since this has been the least productive week of my life, I'm pretty sure my abs are going. Thanks to the flu, the most exercise I have done since Sunday is walk up and down the stairs to the bathroom.

  4. Yep. She guessed they will want to recheck at 32 weeks.

  5. I think he's just cozy in there and keeping safe and snuggly. Can't wait to see him! :-)