Sunday, October 19, 2014

17 Months - Fall in Maine

Ian is 17 months old and he is enjoying fall in Maine.  He is most fond of "aaahhhples" and wants to have one in each hand at all times.  He can't really eat them yet, so it can be a little scary at times.

He is my little hiker already.  He does not want to be carried and can go for quite a while on his own.

He loves the sand on his toes, but wasn't sure about the waves coming up to get him.

We rode the train to the Common Ground Fair.....And tried not to let him show much skin as he had just gotten over Hand, Foot and Mouth.

He can now climb onto, or into almost anything and is in constant motion.

Other than climbing, his new developments are mostly language based.  He can say "Ella" for both his cousin Ella and his best buddy Ellie.  He says Yayaya for Josiah.  He will try to repeat a lot of things, but mostly approximates syllables.  Most recently, he says "There ya go" when he hands you something.  Today, he put something on the conveyor as we checked out at the grocery store and looked at the cashier and said, "There ya go" with a big smile on his face.  He is such a goof.

We sure love this active, silly boy!

Monday, September 15, 2014

16 Months

Ian is 16 months old this week and is a bona fide toddler!  He is walking, talking, TROUBLE.
He can climb things and open things and is getting pretty good at starting a game of chase.  Here's how he really felt about a 16 month photo shoot.

He LOVES his bike and is almost too brave on it.

Ian can use sign language to say...
  • "more"
  • "done"
  • "milk"
  • "please"
  • "help"
He can nod his head to answer yes and no and will wave to say "hi" or "bye".  He claps now too, though it did take him a long time to try it out.

He can use words to say....
  • "dog"
  • "hi"
  • "bye bye"
  • "night night"
  • "done"
  • "ya"
  • "dada"
  • "mama"
  • "what is it?
  • "what was that?
  • "this"
  • "open"
  • "thank you"
He has said, Ella, Ellie, Alex, Siah, dirt, rock, up.  He can also do the animal sounds for dog, horse, cow and owl.

He is beginning to follow basic directions to give an item to mommy or daddy, throw something away, or go find something.  It is really fun to see him learning new things every day!

We had a great summer exploring the beach and playing outside.  We are back to reality now.  Luckily, Ian loves his 2 buddies at daycare and is always happily playing.....sometimes so much that he doesn't want to leave, when I arrive.

As always, we are excited to share new experiences with Ian.  Apple picking, playing in the leaves and the Common Ground Fair are some of the things on our agenda for this fall!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

 Ian is one today!
It's so hard to believe that this little peanut has grown so fast!

He can crawl faster than fast, but he loves being on his feet.  He can pull to stand and cruises along anything.  He most definitely does not like to sit still.

He has four teeth and weighs 23 pounds.  He still isn't very tall.

He points at all kinds of things and says, "dis" or "dat".  He has a few other words too.  He can say "dada", "mama", "dot" (dog), "doot" (I think this is Moose), and "adone" (all done).  He waves at everyone and everything and can sign "all done".  He still refuses to sign "more" or clap.

He had so many people who love and care about him come to his birthday party.  It was a beautiful day.  We were able to celebrate outside on the deck.  The kids enjoyed bubbles, sand play, climbing, sliding, collecting eggs, petting goats, and catching a crayfish.

Ian loved his cupcake.

He had so much fun playing at his party.  He slept so well and was still exhausted the next day.

We love you sweet boy!  Happy Birthday!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eleven Months Old

We are having so much fun watching Ian learn and grow.   It is so hard to believe that he is already 11 months old.

Ian has two bottom teeth.  I'm not sure that he is ever going to get any more teeth, though there may be a top one about ready to make an appearance.  His lack of teeth doesn't stop him from eating.  This boy loves his food.  He is almost as bad as the dog when it comes to begging.

He pulls up to stand on almost anything and LOVES doors and drawers.  He also loves outlets and wires.  He doesn't miss anything and knows within seconds if the dishwasher, basement door or dog gate or is open...and he is lightening fast on his hands and knees.  He really is trouble.

He can wave and make lots of silly sounds with his mouth, or hands and mouth.  He loves to bang on things and is starting to drive toy cars and throw balls.

He says, "mama", "dada", "dot" for dog, and "dis" for this.  He has just recently started pointing, usually at his dogs.  Gauge is still the one who brings him the most joy.

 We are so in love with this silly, silly boy!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 Months Old

Even though I only just posted Ian's 9 month photos, he is actually 10 month old today.

Ian has two bottom teeth.  He is still a chubby boy at just under 21 pounds.  He is doing new things every day.  He waves (when he feels like it), he pulls up on EVERYTHING,  he puts all kinds of things in his and nonfood alike.  He is loves to say "dada" and is beginning to say "mama" more and more.  He also says "bababa", and "yayaya" a lot.  The only thing he is actually labeling is the dog.  He will reach for Gauge and say "dot" or "doot".

 He is really starting to explore his world.  He loves to feed the dogs and throw his cup or spoon on the floor.  He likes finding out what different sounds he can make when pounding on things and has recently begun to take out bowls and pans that he can access.  He has also recently discovered the stairs and he LOVES to climb.

His newest thing is pushing buttons on the radio......

and dancing.

He also likes to let go of things when he is standing and often forgets to put his hands down when he is falling.  Most of the time, he is pretty chill about his bumps and bruises, but he scares his mommy.

 We absolutely love this crazy, silly, messy, and active boy!

9 Months

Here are some (increasingly hard to take) pictures of my adorable, chubby, 9 month baby boy joy.  Holy Moly, this kid is on the move!  He went from inching around just before my last post to flying down the hallway in a matter of days.  He can also pull himself up to stand and he is beyond proud of himself!  He giggles and talks and screeches to himself as he discovers new things.  Currently, his favorite things to crawl to are the mirror at the end of the hallway, the bathtub, his bin of books that he can dump out and the windowed back door.

 He LOVES bath time of any kind, but he really loves the kitchen sink.  He has figured out how to turn the water on and off and pull the drain plug.  He has also figured out how to scoot around the sink or tub to make some pretty big waves. 

He pulls to stand on almost everything.....and hits his head on almost as many things.  He should probably be wearing a helmet at all times, but we haven't actually done that to him yet.

 He is a little ham.  He loves to bang things, drop things off his highchair and feed the dog.  He has some bongos and a baby piano (as well as many other toys) that he can make all kinds of noise with.

He loves to take Daddy's slippers, and anything else that isn't a toy.  He has a bit of a temper too, throwing himself backwards or "jumping" up and down when he is upset.  He is most upset when something is taken away from him and with having to get evidenced by all of the pictures of him without clothes on.