Thursday, March 13, 2014

9 Months

Here are some (increasingly hard to take) pictures of my adorable, chubby, 9 month baby boy joy.  Holy Moly, this kid is on the move!  He went from inching around just before my last post to flying down the hallway in a matter of days.  He can also pull himself up to stand and he is beyond proud of himself!  He giggles and talks and screeches to himself as he discovers new things.  Currently, his favorite things to crawl to are the mirror at the end of the hallway, the bathtub, his bin of books that he can dump out and the windowed back door.

 He LOVES bath time of any kind, but he really loves the kitchen sink.  He has figured out how to turn the water on and off and pull the drain plug.  He has also figured out how to scoot around the sink or tub to make some pretty big waves. 

He pulls to stand on almost everything.....and hits his head on almost as many things.  He should probably be wearing a helmet at all times, but we haven't actually done that to him yet.

 He is a little ham.  He loves to bang things, drop things off his highchair and feed the dog.  He has some bongos and a baby piano (as well as many other toys) that he can make all kinds of noise with.

He loves to take Daddy's slippers, and anything else that isn't a toy.  He has a bit of a temper too, throwing himself backwards or "jumping" up and down when he is upset.  He is most upset when something is taken away from him and with having to get evidenced by all of the pictures of him without clothes on.


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  1. That boy is growing so fast! I would love to see him zooming down your hallway to the mirror. :-) So adorable!