Thursday, March 13, 2014


Have you ever loved someone so much that you did something that was painful for you, but you knew was better for him/her?  In this case, "someone" isn't a person, but a dog who thought he was a person.

I got the news two weeks ago that Wiley had passed away.  It wasn't a surprise, but still very sad.  I had spoken with Chad a few weeks before that when he called to inform me that Wiley was showing signs of kidney failure and likely only had a few weeks left.  He would have been 14 this summer.

Wiley was a true "Once in a lifetime" dog.  The cutest puppy, the most photogenic dog, running buddy, barn companion, chaser of fly swatters, racer of snowmobiles, human like car passenger, super swimmer and most of all lover of the outdoors.

Wiley went with Chad when we got divorced.  Because he really was my dog first, I got him shortly after Chad and I started dating, it was my decision to let him go.  It was a difficult decision to make and I surely missed him, but it was the right decision.  Wiley adored Chad and followed him everywhere, hoping to go walking in the woods or for a ride in the truck.  Chad gets the winters off and only works a 4 day week the rest of the year and was sometimes able to take him to work.  I knew Wiley would be happiest.

Chad has sent me pictures over the past 6 years.  Wiley had another GSP brother who he loved and ran with until his arthritis wouldn't allow it anymore.  I was well aware that the time was near for Wiley, but it was still hard to get the news.

Wiley, I hope that you are forever running, swimming and chasing birds as fast as your spotted legs can carry you!

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  1. This made me cry. Wiley was truly a once in a lifetime dog. I think he was really your first child. :-) I loved seeing all these pictures of him again. So sad to know he is gone.