Sunday, April 28, 2013

Slower Pace

I will am definitely moving at a slower pace these days.  I guess at 38 weeks pregnant, that is to be expected.  Still, I am keeping as active as possible and even took Moose to the Animal Orphanage 5K in Old Town.  I have run the race with Gauge a few times and done pretty well.  Today, Moose and I just walked.  I saved my race number for Ian's baby book, even though I wasn't really racing.

Ian's nursery is now finished, other than three animal pictures that I am waiting on (pig, cow, and sheep).  I made some little bookshelves modeled after the IKEA spice rack book shelves that my sister did for Ella.  Ian was very lucky to get so many awesome books at his shower and I needed a place to display them and have them be accessible.

Now we are just waiting for him to arrive!

It is perfect weather for a baby.  I can't wait to enjoy walks with him.  For now though, I am loving the weather.

The dogs in the yard all day,

Bare feet and green grass,

Walks in the woods,

Dirty dogs,

that have to swim to clean up......poor Gauge.