Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ranch Sorting

Melanie and Gus

Despite the wind and freezing temperatures, muscle pains and illness, my friends and I took our horses to a ranch sorting clinic.  All of our horses met some cows a few weeks ago, but this was their first time actually working cows and learning to play by the rules.

Me and Odie

Here's a quick run down of a ranch sorting event -
  • There are two connecting pens with a gate in the middle with 12 cows on one side
  • Cows are numbered 0-9 with 2 unnumbered cows
  • The object is to move cows from one side to the other in order beginning with the number the announcer calls.
  • If any of the cows cross the line in the wrong order, or any unnumbered cows cross the line, you are eliminated.
  • Riders ride in teams of 2 and take turns cutting the cows and manning the gate.
  • If you do really well (fast with lots of cows), you can win money.
Becky and Maverick

All three horses did really well all day.  With a little practice, health on our side and some warmer temperatures, I think we could be really good!

Melanie and Gus and Me and Odie

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung here in Maine, a little earlier, a little warmer and a lot drier than normal.  Here on the mini-farm there is a lot happening.  Greg added some dirt and some weed block to the garden.  The asparagus bed is finished and the rest of the garden is ready to be planted. 

The ducklings and chicks that we ordered have arrived and will soon be ready to be on tick and slug patrol.  For now, they are happily peeping under the heat lamp and driving Gauge absolutely wild!  (pics to follow)

I had to build a second chicken coop to accommodate all of the fowl.  The ducks are moving into the small house attached to the garden and chickens will now live on the other side of the goat shed.  Herbie and Fergus were extremely interested, but not overly helpful, in the construction of the new coop.

Last weekend, we competed in our first triathlon of the season at the University of New England.  The race was very well run, the weather was fabulous and Greg was thrilled that it was a short pool swim.  To top it off, we stayed with Sarah and Jason and got a chance to visit with my mom and play with Ella while we were there.  They even came to cheer us on at the race.  Thanks guys!