Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ranch Sorting

Melanie and Gus

Despite the wind and freezing temperatures, muscle pains and illness, my friends and I took our horses to a ranch sorting clinic.  All of our horses met some cows a few weeks ago, but this was their first time actually working cows and learning to play by the rules.

Me and Odie

Here's a quick run down of a ranch sorting event -
  • There are two connecting pens with a gate in the middle with 12 cows on one side
  • Cows are numbered 0-9 with 2 unnumbered cows
  • The object is to move cows from one side to the other in order beginning with the number the announcer calls.
  • If any of the cows cross the line in the wrong order, or any unnumbered cows cross the line, you are eliminated.
  • Riders ride in teams of 2 and take turns cutting the cows and manning the gate.
  • If you do really well (fast with lots of cows), you can win money.
Becky and Maverick

All three horses did really well all day.  With a little practice, health on our side and some warmer temperatures, I think we could be really good!

Melanie and Gus and Me and Odie


  1. Wow, looks like a lot of fun! So sorry I missed seeing it in person. You all look like you're doing a great job and having fun.

  2. Looks fun! Still waiting on duck pictures! Ella & I are anxious to get up for a visit!