Monday, September 15, 2014

16 Months

Ian is 16 months old this week and is a bona fide toddler!  He is walking, talking, TROUBLE.
He can climb things and open things and is getting pretty good at starting a game of chase.  Here's how he really felt about a 16 month photo shoot.

He LOVES his bike and is almost too brave on it.

Ian can use sign language to say...
  • "more"
  • "done"
  • "milk"
  • "please"
  • "help"
He can nod his head to answer yes and no and will wave to say "hi" or "bye".  He claps now too, though it did take him a long time to try it out.

He can use words to say....
  • "dog"
  • "hi"
  • "bye bye"
  • "night night"
  • "done"
  • "ya"
  • "dada"
  • "mama"
  • "what is it?
  • "what was that?
  • "this"
  • "open"
  • "thank you"
He has said, Ella, Ellie, Alex, Siah, dirt, rock, up.  He can also do the animal sounds for dog, horse, cow and owl.

He is beginning to follow basic directions to give an item to mommy or daddy, throw something away, or go find something.  It is really fun to see him learning new things every day!

We had a great summer exploring the beach and playing outside.  We are back to reality now.  Luckily, Ian loves his 2 buddies at daycare and is always happily playing.....sometimes so much that he doesn't want to leave, when I arrive.

As always, we are excited to share new experiences with Ian.  Apple picking, playing in the leaves and the Common Ground Fair are some of the things on our agenda for this fall!