Sunday, November 27, 2011

Late Fall Biking and Hiking

We managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Acadia today.  The roads were a bit snowy, but mostly OK for biking.  We finished the day off with a quick hike up the Beehive and lunch at EPI's.  A little chilly, but totally worth it!


This was the first year that I hosted Thanksgiving.  I actually cooked everything and other than a little smoke from the apple pie dripping in the oven, I think I did quite well.  My mom, sister, brother in law and niece came for dinner and were able to stay and go to the christmas tree farm on Friday.  Ella liked the horses, the donut and the pink ballerina ornament that she picked out.

Greg cut down the tree.

Then we took it home and decorated.  This is the earliest that I have ever decorated for Christmas, and the most excited that I have ever been to decorate and to have people come over to celebrate.  We have about a million lights.  See...


 looking down the driveway
It has been a really great year.  I am so thankful for my wonderful, hardworking husband, my family, friends, and my many animals.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Earlier this fall, we added a new member to the farm.  Odie is a two year old quarter horse who will hopefully turn into a decent ranch sorting horse next summer and eventually become a team penning pony. I don't really know a lot about either sport, so the two of us are going to learn as we go.  He is not afraid of the dogs, goats or chickens, so I am hoping that he feels the same about cows.

So far, Odie has been very good.  He didn't know much of anything when I picked him up, but can now walk and trot very well under saddle.  He has even cantered a few times.  He wears hula hoops, walks over carpets and logs.  He has been on a mini trail ride all by himself and this weekend I even rode him bareback in the snow.  Odie is such a star!