Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 Months Old

Even though I only just posted Ian's 9 month photos, he is actually 10 month old today.

Ian has two bottom teeth.  He is still a chubby boy at just under 21 pounds.  He is doing new things every day.  He waves (when he feels like it), he pulls up on EVERYTHING,  he puts all kinds of things in his and nonfood alike.  He is loves to say "dada" and is beginning to say "mama" more and more.  He also says "bababa", and "yayaya" a lot.  The only thing he is actually labeling is the dog.  He will reach for Gauge and say "dot" or "doot".

 He is really starting to explore his world.  He loves to feed the dogs and throw his cup or spoon on the floor.  He likes finding out what different sounds he can make when pounding on things and has recently begun to take out bowls and pans that he can access.  He has also recently discovered the stairs and he LOVES to climb.

His newest thing is pushing buttons on the radio......

and dancing.

He also likes to let go of things when he is standing and often forgets to put his hands down when he is falling.  Most of the time, he is pretty chill about his bumps and bruises, but he scares his mommy.

 We absolutely love this crazy, silly, messy, and active boy!

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