Sunday, October 19, 2014

17 Months - Fall in Maine

Ian is 17 months old and he is enjoying fall in Maine.  He is most fond of "aaahhhples" and wants to have one in each hand at all times.  He can't really eat them yet, so it can be a little scary at times.

He is my little hiker already.  He does not want to be carried and can go for quite a while on his own.

He loves the sand on his toes, but wasn't sure about the waves coming up to get him.

We rode the train to the Common Ground Fair.....And tried not to let him show much skin as he had just gotten over Hand, Foot and Mouth.

He can now climb onto, or into almost anything and is in constant motion.

Other than climbing, his new developments are mostly language based.  He can say "Ella" for both his cousin Ella and his best buddy Ellie.  He says Yayaya for Josiah.  He will try to repeat a lot of things, but mostly approximates syllables.  Most recently, he says "There ya go" when he hands you something.  Today, he put something on the conveyor as we checked out at the grocery store and looked at the cashier and said, "There ya go" with a big smile on his face.  He is such a goof.

We sure love this active, silly boy!

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