Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vintage Nursery

It has been busy around our house as usual. Greg has been doing some bookwork for a company for some extra money and I am trying to get my supervised hours in so that I can sit for my BCBA exam and eventually be a consultant.

In our spare time, we have been working on getting the nursery ready for our little man.  Luckily, it has been REALLY cold, so we are not overly motivated to do anything outside.  The nursery has been a bit of a project since we are moving and replacing a door.  That is Greg's part of the work.

I have been crafting quite a bit.  My goal was to create a mostly gender neutral nursery that has a vintage sort of feel.  Nothing too commercialized.  I hope to use the same nursery for two kiddos fairly close together.  I would hate to have to buy anything twice.

I started with this fabric.

Made this quilt.  I will make another in the same fabric, but with triangles for the second baby if we have one.

I made a crib skirt in matching flannel because I couldn't find one in a neutral color that was not all ruffley.  No picture of the crib skirt yet, but here is a picture of Moose helping me make the quilt.

Then I made an ABC banner that will circle the entire room.  The idea was stolen from my sister's blog,

I am now working on a farm animal mobile.  I made some felted animals and a friend felted some balls that will go on the strings.  I am looking for a top for the mobile.  Here are my silly farm animals.

Lastly, I need to repaint the room and get some black and white farm animal pictures to go in my frames.  I have some that I have taken myself and a few that I am ordering.  They will each have a nursery rhyme under them.  More pictures to follow when the room is finished!


  1. Oh, my goodness! I can't believe how crafty you have gotten! I knew you were working on a quilt and banner -- they look great, by the way -- and those felt animals for a mobile are so cute, too! Can't wait to see what the room looks like with the door moved.

  2. Jen that looks awesome! The farm animals came out SO good too! Can't wait to see it all!