Sunday, February 12, 2012


We have been trying to make the most out of the little snow that we have.  I found a great place for cross country skiing in Waterville called Quarry Road Recreation Center.  We have only made it down there once, but the weather and the trails were great.

At home, we been doing a little work on the house.  We have removed the bar and added an office loft.  Greg is excited to have his own office space and it really defines the kitchen.  A new and smaller bar will be build soon and then the flooring projects can begin.

I have been down and out with a bad case of the stomach flu and am currently at the laundry mat doing sick bedding as we speak.  Later, I will decontaminate the rest of the house.  I am very hopeful that Greg will not come down with it.

We still don't have much snow which makes for an icy driveway, but easy walking in the woods.  The dogs love to investigate the bog.  We're still hoping for at least one big snow before the end of winter!

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  1. Hooray for the progress on the house! I can't believe you already have a loft built and the island removed. Boo for the stomach flu! I hope you feel better soon and that Greg doesn't come down with it, too. Love you guys!