Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Four Weeks, Lots of Faces

Ian is growing too fast!  He still spends a lot of time sleeping, and is doing great sleeping in his bassinet at night.  However,  he now makes so much noise while sleeping, grunting, groaning, and humming, that I am thinking of moving him Greg's office space instead of having him sleep next to our bed.

He has much longer periods when he is awake and when he is awake, he is so much more alert.  He makes all kinds of faces now.

He almost always has his hands by his face.  That stated in utero, so I am not really surprised.

Ian loves to look at his animal pictures on the wall above his changing table.  I think he mostly looks at the picture of Gauge because of the contrast.

He is almost always hungry.  I bet you can't tell by his chubby cheeks and double chin.

He is really beginning to enjoy floor time and really likes his mirror.  He isn't a huge fan of being on his stomach, but he tolerates it for a while.

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