Sunday, August 7, 2011

Adding Chickens Part 2

After returning from the horse show, Greg checked on Henry who was inside the coop.  When he saw Greg, he came out of the coop and heard the other three chickens who had survived the night and were milling around outside of the coop.  He tried to fly away and even with his wings clipped, somehow managed to make it over the fence......directly into Gauge's line of vision.  Gauge grabbed the bird, but released him after Greg chased and scolded him.  All four chickens flew/scampered/ran into the woods in the dark.

Sunday morning, three chickens were spotted in the woods behind the house, but were not seen again during the day.  We were certain that they had been or would be eaten by coyotes.  However, after returning from grocery shopping at 6 pm.  The three chickens were outside the goat fence and appeared to be trying to get inside.  We we able to catch all three and clip their wings fairly easily.

Tonight, the three hens are sleeping inside the coop and I am fairly certain that the rooster has been eaten.  If the chickens decide to stay for a while, I might name them, hopefully all girl names.

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  1. LOL! Poor Henry. :-( Well, at least now you can name one Henrietta.