Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Real Reason I Didn't do a Fall Triathlon

I have been waiting for a while to share some exciting news. 

We will be adding to our family in May!

I found out in August, just days before the Pumpkinman and Maniac Triathlons.  I was hoping to do the Maniac Tri this year, but because it is my first pregnancy and I was so early in it, I decided it would be best to skip it this year.  I have been keeping up with workouts for the most part, still running, biking and swimming, just not all on the same day.  In fact, Moose and I ran in a 5K this morning.

I have been incredibly lucky and have not really been sick at all.  I have been a little tired and once in a while feel generally kind of blah, but overall, it has been smooth sailing.  I am really hoping that it continues this way. 

Here are some pictures of the little alien baby.  If you are not into these kind of pictures (I'm not), I apologize.  They are mostly for family and so that Ella can see a picture of her cousin.

Here is a 2D frontal picture.  I think it is cool that you can see 2 arms/hands and 2 legs/feet when the baby only measures 5cm.


  1. Yippee! So glad you posted this, and that it's OK to tell now. :-) Can't wait to welcome little baby Kolvoord to the world!

  2. Yay! The news is out! Congratulations. I think that first image is absolutely amazing! Love it! We love the little alien already!!!