Sunday, July 28, 2013


Ian went on his first camping trip and stayed in a hotel for the first time this week.  It was a combination vacation, birthday and anniversary trip.  It was also Ian's first time running, biking and eating at a restaurant.

Hanging in the hammock
We camped for two nights in Little River State Park in Vt.  It is a great park to visit and is pretty central if you want to hike, canoe, kayak, fish, explore small towns and visit the city.

Ready for bed
We explored some small towns and walked around Burlinton on our first day there.  We visited North Beach and the Burlington Recreation Path.  It is really a pretty cool little city with lots to do and see.

Looking at the trees with Daddy
I liked running!
We otherwise hung out at the campground.  Ian loved looking at the trees and swinging in the hammock.  He went for his first few runs while at the campground and really seemed to like it!  Overall, he was a great little camper.

Before our quick ride....I hated it!
Lounging at the hotel

On our last day, we explored the Stowe area, attempted to ride on the recreation path, but opted to walk it, had dinner at a restaurant and went out for ice cream for my birthday.

Back to reality, we are home!

It was a very long trip home with stop and go traffic.  NOT fun with a baby who likes to move.  We had so much fun camping, but are glad to be home.

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