Thursday, July 11, 2013

Six and Eight Weeks

Right now, I am very thankful that it is summer and that Ian was born when he was.  He is six weeks old this week and if school was in session, I would be headed back to work and he would be headed to daycare.
Happy to be home from Pony Club camp
I am working hard on getting Ian on something that resembles a schedule.  He does really well at night, going to bed around 9:30, waking to eat around 2:30 and then sleeping until 5.  I am really happy with the night time schedule.  Lately, it is the day time schedule that has me stressed.  He is much more alert, but is fighting nap time like nobodies business!  If I hold him constantly, he will nap.  If I put him down, he insists he is starving (even if he ate 20 minutes earlier).  Figuring out when he is really hungry vs. just wanting to be comforted is a work in progress.

Ian is a little traveller already.  He spent 2 nights visiting his cousins in Berwick and went to the beach for the day.  He attended the pony club dressage rally to watch Milo compete and went swimming for the first time.  He slept through the beach and the rally and was not impressed with the cold water.  He didn't mind trying on the life jacket:)  Hopefully, he enjoys paddling the kayak near  shore with his mommy.

Trying out my new life jacket
Ian is now eight weeks old.  The last few weeks have been busy, busy, so I never got the pictures uploaded for the six week post. 

Pudgy Patriot
Over the 4th, and during a little heat wave that followed, Ian visited a couple of different lakes.  As long as the water isn't too cold, he enjoys it.

Smiley boy!
Ian is very smiley these days.  I am able to get a smile from him pretty reliably by making silly faces or noises.  He is also very strong.  He prefers to sit up, supported, so that he can look around. He has no trouble with head control.  He will also put quite a lot of weight on his feet when in a standing position.

My serious face
At eight weeks, he has taken a few good naps, but really, he is a nap fighter.  He does very well at night, usually waking between two and four to eat, then going right back down. 

Fun on the lake with my family
He is most definitely mommy's cuddle bug, and I love that...most of the time.  He is beginning to stay with Greg for longer stretches, but is pretty fussy while I am away.

Floating with mommy
It is so hard to believe that he is almost two months old.  We are so blessed to have this little love bug!

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  1. He is definitely a cute little love bug, and he's growing and changing all the time! It was so fun to see him "swimming". :-)