Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Six Months

I have been a mom for half of a year.  Ian is six months old today.  Along with many other firsts, he has his first illness.  Luckily he seems to be dealing pretty well with it, acting like himself and his fever is staying down.  Though I don't like to see my little man not feeling well, I am savoring this snugly, quiet day.

At six months, he now enjoys being on his belly, though he uses this as an escape at bedtime, rolling against the side of the crib and crying to be rescued.  He usually smiles, talks or giggles when we arrive to help him.  He drools constantly and puts everything in his mouth, though he does not yet have any teeth.  He can almost sit up without help, but prefers to be on his feet.  He LOVES his jumper!  He recently started eating food.  He is a huge fan of food (in case there was any doubt)!

Ian is the happiest baby.  He is quick to flash a smile at almost anyone and he loves to giggle.  He and Gauge are best buddies and Gauge is the lucky one who gets most of Ian's best belly laughs.

He is so chubby and giggly that we just couldn't resist dressing him up as the Pillsbury dough boy for Halloween.  He was the cutest dough boy that I have ever seen!

Like his parents, he loves being outside!  He even enjoys the bike trailer these days.
Recently, he enjoyed a warm November day watching his daddy work on the roof.

We love this chubby, silly boy from his head to his toes!  Happy six months Ian!

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