Sunday, December 15, 2013

7 Months

Ian is seven months old and is loving the holiday season.  Mostly, because that has meant more time with mommy and lots of new things to look at and taste.

He is a great eater.  He loves spinach, carrots, squash, sweet potato, and any fruit.  He still doesn't have any teeth, but sports a pretty sweet old man grin when he is being silly.

Ian sits up on his own with only the occasional crash.  He wants to be on the move so badly, but can't quite figure out how to go forward.  He rolls quickly and easily and reaches for anything that catches his eye.  He makes diaper changing seem like an Olympic sport.

He has really found his voice and is working on different sounds and volumes.  He loves to shriek, giggle and say "dadadada".  He still loves Gauge and now tries to grab him any chance he gets.

He started swimming lessons in November.  He is a great sport with the cold and the noise at the pool and even seems to enjoy going under.  He also experienced his first snow this weekend.  He looked pretty cute bundled up in his snow gear, but he wasn't really sure what to think.

We are looking forward to Ian's first Christmas and many more firsts to follow with this sweet, chubby boy!


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  1. Wow, sitting up by himself! It is so neat to scroll back through the months of pictures and see how he is growing and changing. I need to come see him! And he just keeps getting cuter and cuter!