Sunday, May 12, 2013

Getting Anxious

I am getting very anxious to meet little Ian.  Everything is set up and ready for him to arrive.
I thought that I might be a mother by mother's day, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen.  Maybe that was just wishful thinking since my last appointment didn't go as well as all of my others.

All of a sudden, I am retaining a lot of water.  My feet and ankles are quite swollen and my midwife mentioned that she could see some swelling in my face as well.  My blood pressure is fine.  It is high for me, but still relatively low.  She recommended that I stay off of my feet a lot more.  Specifically, stop taking the dogs on 3 mile walks in the evening and instead, lie on my side for 3 hours.  This is like torture to me.  I made it to 45 minutes the first night before wanting to poke my eyes out.

On the bright side, she said that I am starting to dilate on my own and that Ian is fully engaged.  She could touch his head when she checked me.  I am still measuring behind, further behind this week than last, because he has dropped.  She is guessing that he will be around 6.5 pounds.  I really think it is just how he is positioned and I will be surprised if he isn't 7.5 pounds or more at birth.  After poking around on my stomach for a while, she said that he is quite long, but narrow.  I guess he takes after Greg.  I'm just happy that I won't be delivering a little linebacker.

Maternity photos were taken
by my friend, Ann.
38.5 weeks.


  1. Jen! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those photos!!! SOOOOO beautiful! And seriously, you look 28.5 weeks pregnant not 38.5! Now be a good girl and go lay down ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures, Ann! Jen, you look just wonderful. So glad Ann made you pose for them. I'm glad your confinement to the couch didn't last more than a couple of days. You would have gone stir crazy for sure.