Monday, May 20, 2013


Ian - One week old

Time for cuddles, kisses and nursing.  Time for savoring this tiny baby stage.  Time to be thankful and early morning quiet time for thinking, reflecting and blogging.
So small in Daddy's arms
Never in my life have I spent so much time at home, so much time sitting in one place at a time, so much time thinking and so much time napping.

Big brother Gauge has to know what you're doing at all times!
Before becoming pregnant, and even just before Ian's arrival, I was kind of scared of infants and felt a little unprepared to be bringing home one of my own.  I had a few nightmares throughout my pregnancy and woke up panicked that I wouldn't know how to take care of him.  I am sure that to some extent, that is a normal feeling.  Now that Ian is here, I just love all of his gassy smiles, silly puckers and his little grimaces when the dogs smell or lick him.  I love his little grunts and squeaks and his tiny fingers and toes.  I find myself cuddling and kissing him and not wanting him to grow!

Big brother Moose, so gentle
They say, "Having a baby changes everything".  I knew that this would be true, but I didn't know exactly what that meant.  I find that I am much more thankful.  Thankful to have such perfect little person (and still totally amazed that we made and birthed him), thankful that his birth was uncomplicated, thankful for an amazing midwife and great nurses during our hospital stay, thankful for an amazing husband who is also proving to be a great daddy!  I am also very thankful that I can see the definition on my feet and ankles again and that Ian arrived when he did, allowing me the most time with him before returning to work, but also being able to work right up to his birth and having to only miss 5 weeks of school at the end of the year.  Really, the best possible scenario.

Ian waking after a nap with Mommy
It is hard to believe that Ian is one week old already.  He had his first doctor's appointment this afternoon.  He is in the 50th percentile for everything and is only 1 ounce under his birth weight.


  1. I love the new pictures! So glad that you are learning how a baby changes your life... in a good way. They are little miracles! :-) I heard that my friend Debby Burt got to hold Ian today. I thought that was pretty neat.

    1. Both Debby and Ellen held him. It was so nice of them to stop by and bring meals!