Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ian's Welcome

So many people were anxious to hear about Ian's arrival and were excited to meet him.  His grandma, auntie and cousin drove up from Berwick to see him.  It was nice to have them at home for the first night too, since both Ian and I are trying to figure out the whole nursing gig.  We can use any help we can get.  He still hasn't met his cousin Josiah or uncle Jason.  I guess we will have to visit soon and take lots of pictures!

Here is Ian with his big cousin Ella.  I love this picture.  She was so great with him and he seemed pretty content in her arms.

He was so alert when my mom held him.  It is not often that we see his eyes.

Proud Auntie holding Ian, less than 24 hours old,

We were fortunate to only be in the hospital for one night, so hospital visitors were limited.  Still, Ian was able to meet my 3 best friends before leaving for home.  Molly happened to be working on Tuesday and was Ian's first visitor.  She came up twice to visit!  Becky was also at the hospital fairly early and shared cuddles with Ian for quite a while.  Melanie was the last to meet our little guy, though she was the first one to arrive at the hospital - around 6 am and in labor herself.  Yep, Ian and miss Ellie are less than 24 hours apart!  Texting with Melanie and waiting for Ellie to arrive made our day go by fairly quickly.  We had a quick visit from Melanie's family after they welcomed Ellie to the world.

Ian 4 days old, Ellie 3 days old

Before leaving the hospital, I rolled Ian in his bassinet to meet Melanie, Andy and Ellie.  Yesterday afternoon, I took Ian to visit Ellie and to get a few pictures while they are still so little.  It will be so fun watching them grow together!

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