Sunday, May 26, 2013

Paternity Leave Projects

Greg was very fortunate to have two weeks off when Ian was born, and Ian arrived at just the right time, allowing Greg to have his full two weeks plus the additional Monday for Memorial Day.

The weather was nice for the few days following Ian's birth, but we were both pretty tired and mostly just hung out getting to know Ian.  The weather has not cooperated enough since then for Greg to work on all of the projects that he had planned.

He did get the garden ready to plant, but only minimal planting has taken place so far.

This rainy weekend, Greg has been working on installing a dishwasher.  It is completely hooked up and running for the first time as we type.  Now to put the kitchen back together.

Ian is growing so fast.  Overall, he is a really easy going baby!  He is beginning to get his days and nights figured out, but his nights remain a bit all over the place.  He is mostly sleeping from 12pm to 4:30am, then again for another hour or two.  However, he still has nights where he doesn't really sleep. Friday night, he didn't actually sleep until almost 4am.

He is so cute and alert when he is awake during the day.  It is hard to believe that he is almost 2 weeks old.  We are hoping for nicer weather on Monday so that we can do something as a family before Greg heads back to work.

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  1. Yay, Greg! A dishwasher! You guys are gonna love that for all the baby paraphernalia in the future. And Ian is looking so cute and relaxed. Glad to hear that he is sort of getting his days and nights straight. :-)